Military Shadow Boxes

5 Unique Things about Military Shadow Boxes

If you visit a military person’s house you will see various military related things on display and if he is a retired person then you will definitely find a shadow box adorning the living area or hall. Most of them will contain the military flag or the national flag along with the other medals that the veteran had been rewarded with during his service years.  Other important things that these boxes may contain are medals, rank pins, ribbons, insignia, photographs, certificates and so on. Here are the 5 unique things about military shadow boxes that make them special retirement gifts.

  1. Flags with Special Significance

The flags that make their way into the military shadow boxes are not ordinary; they have a special significance attached to them. It is special because it had been at one time flown over the congress building. As a rule, each day a new flag is flown and then it is kept as gifts for retired army professionals along with mention of the date when the flag was flown. Thus, the shadow boxes containing the flags make unique retirement gifts for military people.

  1. Medals that Tell Tales

The shadow boxes that contain medals, certificates and other honors that the military personnel received during their years of service. These medals speak volumes of the veteran’s bravery, determination and missions that he or she has been a part of. There is a lot of pride associated with these medals and they are worthy of displaying in a grand way.

  1. They can be Custom Made

Although there are shadow boxes available with ready-made templates, you can also have them custom made to suit your specific requirements.  The personalized boxes with special mention of special dates and names make a thoughtful gift for the veterans that they will preserve for their life.

  1. Not Just For the Military

Besides being an ideal retirement gift from the military, these shadow boxes can also be given as special gifts to retried police officers, armed forces and scouts to display their achievements in a nice way. Any service that involves swearing-in is worth being awarded with shadow boxes. Apart from containing flags and medals, the boxes can also be used to display special photographs and certificates.

  1. A Great Conversation Starter

The military shadow boxes display medals and ranks of the veterans and there are many stories that the retired professionals can share with the world. These gifts can be kept in the living area with pride and anybody who visits the house is sure to get the opportunity to hear a story or two. It is also a great way to commemorate the achievements of the military person and keep the memories alive.

If you know a veteran and are looking for a special gift for him or her then you may present a personalized shadow box to show your respect and appreciation. Other recommended gifts for military people include military plaques, shields and watches containing military themes.