Shadow Boxes

Preserving the Memories from Your Professional Life with Shadow Boxes

Military life is extraordinary in itself. People choose this profession simply because they want to live that large life encompassing all that normal people cannot dream of doing. The thrill, the adventure, the risk of life and death drive people towards joining the military. There is no denying that deployments are troublesome and military families have to wait for months and sometimes years to see their loved ones, but again as they say – there’s no gain without pain. All that trouble comes with great reward for military personnel and their families.

The kind of respect and admiration military and Army people receive from public is something you cannot expect in any other profession.  Military men lead lives full of challenges, and they always ready at every beck and call to serve their country at home or abroad. They spend sleepless nights, survive in tough situations and face various hardships to ensure that we stay safe.

Those who join the military spend a large part of their lives in base camps, war fronts or other areas of deployments, hence there are several memories and stories that they carry with them by the time of retirement. The best way to preserve those memories and always keep them alive for the veterans is to gift them something special.

Shadow boxes are ideal gifts for retirement although they can also be given to military men or women on their wedding, birthdays or other occasions. However, most commonly the shadow boxes are used as retirement gifts and they can be customized in a way to personalize the entire service tenure of the retiree.

What Makes the Shadow Boxes so Special?

The memories of professional life are worth preserving and a military person would love to cherish those special times spent with colleagues. For a soldier, there is no other gift as precious as his memories and the best way to commemorate them is by presenting them well arrange in a customized shadow box.  The one they receive at the official retirement ceremony will usually contain the national flag and insignia. It may also contain the retiree’s medals, rank ribbons, pins, coins, photographs, certificates and other vital things associated with military.

Can They Be Given as Wedding or Birthday Gifts?

Yes, definitely. Although the shadow boxes are mostly associated with retirement, they can also be given as gifts to military men or women on their birthdays, wedding, or other special occasions. You can order custom made boxes or have them built at your own home. You can adorn them with special photographs from military or just about anything that the receiver would love to cherish for his life.

How Do You Arrange Everything in a Systematic Manner?

If you are looking to create a shadow box at home then you may do so using cardboard and coloured papers. Placing the memorabilia in a systematic or chronological manner is important so make sure whatever memorabilia you want to include is well arranged and orderly looking.